Amazing Slave Girl Kikki’s Air Deprivation

For most of us being able to breathe in the air comes naturally it’s like we don’t even know we’re doing it, but for this Chinese slave Kikki well being able to breathe doesn’t come so easily. You see this Fetish babe has had the right to breathe air taken away from her it’s under the Masters control now, and he decides when his slave girl can breath, with her nose blocked off by a peg this girl can’t get Air from anywhere she has done this, before so she knows how to control her breathing to lose as little Oxegen as possible. I’ve heard Air deprivation can be very kinky, but it’s more of a control thing the person who has the power to give someone a breath or not must feel an enormous amount of power and control.

Amazing Slave Girl Kikki's Air Deprivation

This is likely the most extreme case of Oriental BDSM your going to see anywhere, and it just gets better, if you want to see just how long this Oriental bitch can go without breathing come and check her out in action click here and view all her full length movies now.

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