Chubby Girls Basement Tortures

Check out this chubby slave girl, it seems this hot bitch has been told to go on a diet by her master but when he busted her in the kitchen making a huge meal she just had to be punished and he couldn’t think of a better way of doing it then chaining this bitch up in the basement. The look of terror on this slave girls face as he dragged her kicking and screaming downstairs was fucking awesome and it didn’t get much better for this babe, he stripped her totally naked and then chained her to the wall, she was really at his mercy now and something tells me he doesn’t have much of that, at least not for this chubby babe.

chubby girls

The hours roll by and suddenly this slave girl starts to get really worried, she is getting hungry and very thirsty and she is wondering when he will come down and release her so she can get something to eat. Not long after she hears his loud footsteps coming towards her, but her hopes fade when she notices a dog bowl and some food in it. He couldn’t be going to make her eat out of that, could he? Well that’s exactly what he is going to do, come and see this fetish babe punished hardcore now click here.

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