Natalya Vega ignores foot worship

The stunning blonde Natalya Vega is lounging lazily on her plush bed, her attention solely focused on her phone. She scrolls through her social media feeds, her perfectly manicured fingernails tapping against the screen as she absentmindedly ignores the world around her. In fact, Natalya Vega ignores her foot worshipper, too!

Her baldheaded boyfriend kneels at her feet, his eyes trained on her as he worships her toes diligently. But Natalya couldn’t care less about his foot devotion. Her mind is absorbed in the digital realm of likes, comments, and followers.

Take off my shoes, stupid,” she commands him with a bored tone, not even bothering to glance down at him. He complies without hesitation, knowing that disobedience will only result in further punishment from his bratty babe of a mistress.

He begins to kiss and sniff her sexy feet, reveling in their delicate aroma and soft texture. But even as he showers them with adoration, Natalya’s focus remains on her phone. She flips through various pictures and videos, occasionally pausing to post an update or respond to a comment.

But for all his efforts, the man at her feet might as well be invisible. Natalya doesn’t acknowledge him once, too engrossed in her virtual world to pay any attention to the real one.

Oh, how lucky he must feel to be able to worship such perfect feet even as she fully ignores him. Natalya knows the power they hold over men like him – the power to make them weak and obedient with just a simple wiggle of her toes.

As she continues to scroll through her endless feed of notifications and updates, Natalya sees some of her hot friends showing off their feet on their socials too. She knows she’s not the only foot domme out there – there are countless others just waiting to be discovered, and she doesn’t mind sharing you with them.

But for now, Natalya is content to bask in the adoration of her current servant. He may not be the brightest or most interesting, but he knows how to worship and obey, which is all that matters to her.

And as for those who want to experience more of Natalya’s bratty ways, there’s always Bratty Foot Dom – a haven for foot lovers and submissive men alike. There, they can find even more videos of her ignoring and dominating men with her perfect feet, as well as plenty of hot foot fetish videos where her other girlfriends give foot smelling handjobs, dildo footjobs, and so much more!

For now, foot fetish hottie Natalya Vega will continue to lounge in luxury, lost in the digital world while her devoted foot worshipper tends to her every need. Because after all, that’s what he’s there for – to serve her without question or complaint, no matter how little attention she pays him in return!

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Kaiia Eve tattooed ass worship

Ass Devotion brings you a mesmerizing tattooed goddess Kaiia Eve ass worship video, showcasing her exquisite ass in all its glory. Dressed in a lacy purple bra and thong, Kaiia looks irresistible as she prepares for a night out. But just like us, her boyfriend can’t take his eyes off her voluptuous rear end. He’s drawn to it like a magnet, unable to resist the urge to worship it.

Kaiia Eve is aware of his desire and uses it to tease and deny him, knowing that he yearns for her pussy but hasn’t been good enough this week to earn it. As she glances back at him with a wicked smirk, she taunts him, “I know you’ve been looking at my pussy all week, and I know you’ve been wanting it so fucking bad. But you can’t have this pussy! You haven’t been good enough this week for it. And I don’t think that your cock could even handle this pussy right now. You cum too fast.”

But she offers him an alternative – the chance to worship her glorious ass. In her eyes, that’s all he’s good for anyway, and she tells him so! She knows how much he loves kissing and licking those delicious booty cheeks and burying his face between them. So she commands him to get on his knees and show her just how devoted he is to her ass.

Without hesitation, he complies, eagerly running his hands over every inch of her perfect backside. He groans in pleasure as he buries his face into her delectable crack, inhaling her sweet scent and leaving kisses all over her smooth skin. There’s just nothing on earth more pleasurable than worshipping Kaiia Eve’s ass, and there’s nowhere in the world he’d rather be.

Kaiia teases and torments him with her body, flaunting it in front of his face but always keeping just out of reach. She knows exactly how to push his buttons and make him beg for more.

As the camera reveals these beyond intimate ass worship moments, viewers can see the raw passion between these two lovers. The chemistry is electric, and it’s clear that Kaiia Eve holds all the power in this dynamic. The secret is, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As much as he may want her pussy, there’s no denying that her ass is like a sacred temple to him. He worships it with every touch, kiss, and lick, showing his devotion and adoration for this goddess before him.

And if what they share on camera isn’t quite enough to satisfy your cravings, there’s still more to come on Ass Devotion. Ash Beckett Films brings you endless hours of ass eating and ass worship videos, featuring some of the most beautiful and dominant women in the industry.

So join in the fun and indulge in your love for all things ass-related. Let Kaiia Eve be your guide into the realm of Ass Devotion, where booty pleasure knows no bounds and ass fantasies become reality!

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Submissive dress-up with Sheena Rose

Femdom baddie Sheena Rose walked into frame on Domination 4K with a sly grin on her face, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor. “Well hello there, pretty girl,” she purred, eyeing you up and down with a predatory look in her eyes. Your heart raced as you stood naked before her, feeling exposed and vulnerable under her gaze.

“You’re here to get all dressed up today,” Sheena continued, motioning for you to come closer. You hesitantly made your way towards her, unsure of what was in store. But deep down, you knew you wanted this – to be at her mercy, to be transformed from her man into her submissive pretty girl.

Sheena Rose wants to make you her submissive pretty girl

Sheena had already prepared an array of outfits and lingerie for you to try on. She handed you a silky pink robe and instructed you to shower and freshen up before trying on the clothes. As you stepped into the warm water, your mind raced with anticipation. What would she make you wear for this little cross dressing adventure? How far would she push you?

When you emerged from the shower, Sheena was waiting for you with a gleeful smile. “You look so cute,” she cooed, running a hand through your wet hair and down your chest to your cock, which twitched at her touch. “All naked so I can do whatever I want to you.” A shiver ran down your spine as she led you back into the bedroom where the clothes were laid out on the bed.

Without hesitation, Sheena began dressing you in a frilly pink dress that hugged your body in all the right places. It was clear that every item had been carefully chosen by her – from the matching bra and panties set to the stiletto heels that made your legs look long and lean!

“Your titties will look amazing in this,” Sheena remarked as she helped adjust the straps of the bra around your chest. “And these panties…they’re perfect for holding your balls and your pathetic cock.” Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment at her humiliating words, but you couldn’t deny the arousal that was building inside you.

Sheena turned you around to face the full-length mirror, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. You looked like a different person – a pretty girly girl who was completely under her control. The dress covered most of your body, but the sheer fabric still left little to the imagination. And the panties…they were indeed cheeky, showing off just enough of your round bottom to make you blush.

“Now put on these shoes,” Sheena commanded, handing you a pair of strappy pink heels. You struggled to walk in them at first, but she patiently guided you until you got the hang of it. “And come back and let me see what you look like,” she added with a mischievous grin.

As you awkwardly made your way back into the bedroom, Sheena’s eyes lit up with delight. “Perfect,” she exclaimed, circling around you to get a 360-degree view. “You’re going to be my little doll today.” Your heart fluttered at her words, and you couldn’t help but feel grateful for this opportunity to explore your submissive side.

For the rest of the afternoon, Sheena dressed you up in various outfits and accessories – each one making you feel more feminine and submissive than the last. With every change of clothes, you could feel yourself melting under her control, eager to please and obey her every command.

From that day on, you eagerly awaited each new adventure with Mistress Sheena on Domination 4K, ready to explore her desires and surrender completely to her will. And every time she called you “pretty girl,” you couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and fulfillment at being her submissive – all dressed up and ready to please!

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Crystal Clark gets her toes worshipped

You like these little feet, don’t you? You love admiring the crinkly soles of the one and only Crystal Clark! Do you want to play with them? Well, take off my shoe!

You’re so lucky, right? I mean, do you even know how amazing this is? Here’s your chance to caress and massage my tired feet, indulging in that secretive little foot fetish of yours. Take off my other shoe and let me feel the pleasure! Now play with them!

Crystal Clark ignites your foot fetish on Bratty Foot Dom

My feet have been killing me lately. They’re aching from hours of standing and rushing around; the pain has become unbearable.

I really need a foot massage, some love and attention lavished on them. And who better than you to do it? Get on your knees and worship my feet—they deserve special treatment after all those long days.

Gently run your hands over my soles, kneading in slow circles with just the right amount of pressure. Listen to me moan in delight as every ounce of tension melts away. Feel free to take your time and explore every inch of my arches. Press down with your thumb until that sensation reaches deep into my bones; it feels so good.

Wrap your hands around my ankles and stroke their curves—tenderly, as if they were made of silk. Travel up my shins and explore with your fingertips as you move ever closer to my calves. If I am really enjoying it, I may give you permission to go further, trailing up my thighs and nearing my oh so desirable pussy. But stay focused on those feet, bad boy!

Ahh…Feeling better already! This really isn’t a punishment, or at least it shouldn’t be—it should be an enjoyable experience for us both. Good boys don’t belong on the couch; we’ve talked about this before. You belong on the floor, worshipping my feet!

But now you finally understand why this is so important to me! Not just because my feet hurt, but because I am a femdom goddess who deserves this special treatment from you.

Make my feet feel better and show them how much they mean to you: kiss them gently here and there, whisper sweet nothings in between each toe…you’ll be rewarded accordingly when I no longer feel that lingering ache left behind from the day’s work.

That’s what true foot worship looks like—and I, Crystal Clark, can tell you firsthand that this is something I don’t take lightly!

Would you like to experience a wild journey into the realm of bratty foot domination with me and other pornstars like me who understand your deepest secret foot fetish desires? Come join us for tantalizing foot smelling handjobs, footjobs with giant dildos, and all kinds of POV foot fun that you won’t find anywhere else.

We have all the secrets to unlock an orgasmic thrill with every step you take! Bratty Foot Dom has the key to your foot fetish pleasure and will ensure your total satisfaction! Step inside!

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The Lesbian Slave and Her Mistress – Part 2

In part one the French mistress took her lesbian slave through the paces. With plenty of lezdomme action in the Paris dungeon. You can find much more French sadomasochism opportunities at

I take 2 permanent markers from the proper pocket of the robe of mine. Giving her the white marker, I maintain the dark one for myself.

Opening the marker, I bark at her: Hold out the left hand of yours, palm upwards.

I rarely wait while she grab and obeys the hand of her, writing the name of mine in the palm everything in capitals: MAITRESSE. Today, with no doubt, the toughest part of what I’ve in mind for her:

I want you to start the white marker and put a huge cross through the name of mine.

Tears well up in the eyes of her and I’ve a real difficult time to keep on. Nevertheless, I insist as she begs me with the eyes of her to avoid the.

Cross out the name of mine you lousy slut! NOW!

Find your own Paris BDSM companion. If you fancy a strict Maitresse or a soumisse does not matter. They are ready and waiting!

The Slave In Love

Crying she obeys and places a big X through the name of mine. I could simply feel her think now: Is this the conclusion of my connection? Will Mistress release me? I do not wish to loose her. I realize I was wrong though I definitely haven’t deserved to be released for it?

I notice the agonized expression on the deal with of her and practically go very quickly as I want for the sweet release of stress. Instead I use the marker back and control to say: Have a look at your hand female. Analyze it for around 30 minutes and if you believe you find out what it really means you come over to me. And also with those terms I walk towards the family room to watch some tv.

Clenching the fists of mine, I feel myself around crying. The one I love is in genuine agony also I want it for the personal fulfillment of mine. The television is on though I do not find out a lot of it the next forty five minutes, awaiting my love to come upstairs.

Lastly, there she comes. I feel the love of mine for that girl really visible coursing through the veins of mine. She has been crying. I see by the white eyes of her and the unexpected sob. She involves a great kneel before me and also looks up. Terrified of what she may hear, yet simultaneously not believing that will in fact occur. And also determined to recognize anything that is going to happen in the following five minutes.

I give her just a little tip that not the worst is usually to be expected from me as I ask her: Did you arrive at a choice about what you feel this means my female?

Her eyes sparkle up: the female of mine. She can feel comforted by it, that I believe is needed at this time. I do not need her to become an emotional wreck for the next day or two. Still sobbing then and now, she answers: Y Yes Mistress. The red cross through your name stands for that I’ve let you down. I know I’ve Mistress. Remember to forgive me?

I do not respond to her. Instead I grab the red marker, inform her to shut the eyes of her and hold on the hand of her. Quickly I paint over the cross and make it a good white heart. My name obviously in black and a lot apparent through red ink.

Open your eyes like.

She opens the eyes of her and looks at the hand of her, numb for a couple moments. Well then she begins to cry once more and throws herself in the arms of mine as I open them for her.

A soothing and soft whisper as well as in addition the very last thing for her to remember: Make certain you won’t ever give me cause to make use of the black colored marker to cross out my name female. Because consequently it would not be visible anymore. She simply holds onto me and I feel the tension gradually being introduced. Not wanting her to see the own personal watery eyes of mine I hold her close

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The Lesbian Slave and Her Mistress – Part 1

I look down at my kneeling female, naked and covered with kind of strong welts, and also shame her for what I’ve in mind. Indeed, I know she seems miserable currently which she won’t ever actually make the mistake once more but that is not enough for her just yet. She might have discovered the lesson of her. Now to help make sure she will not forget about it once again.
Stand up, you slut!

A husky whisper: Yes Mistress.

She is certainly afraid of more consequences as she struggles getting up as fast as you can. Ultimately she appears before me, slightly trembling and her eyes downcast. Cupping the face of her, I push her to search me directly in the eyes: Look at me slut! You know I wish to see in the eyes of yours when I am conversing with you.

She hates it when being pressured to appear in the eyes of mine at moments this way. And so a lot simpler to simply stay away from my gaze and also look down at the floor. She knows much better than that however and with no answering, she raises the eyes of her to meet mine.

Locking them with an icy glare, I continue looking at her for one, maybe 2 minutes. She is getting more and more anxious. Having and fidgeting problems to keep the eyes of her up, still simultaneously not being ready to withdraw.

Walk on the complete opposite wall.

A little step back accompanied by a turn on the heels of her and measured steps to exactly where I directed her. My eyes roam over the body of her as she helps seductively. Her hips swaying ever as elegant therefore very slutty with her striped behind.

When she is at the structure I get my upcoming command: And to me, you little whore!

This time she is forced to look in the eyes of mine as she helps back at me. I believe the energy streaming through me and immediately get wet as I glance at the beauty I possess.

Beginning to a stand up before me, I imprison her with the eyes of mine after more and once again I keep my mouth shut. Next, after another two minutes, I simply level on the structure without saying a word. She understands what I mean and repeats similar procedure. She attempts to be a lot more appealing this moment, as she knows she’s clearly not pleased me quite yet.

I glance at her once again. Next, giving her a tiny hint, I glance at the watch of mine, pretending to be awaiting something. She may be played extremely well. I believe what she thinks and I really feel sorry for her and also for me as I am torturing myself too.

Suddenly the realization comes: She is standing before me, exactly where I trained her a few times to kneel at drawing near to me. Falling to the knees of her I notice her stammering: I I I am sorry Mistress. Pl Please forgiġ

Silent you insolent cunt!

Oh what a gorgeous view: Blushing a bright red but not daring to keep talking. Her body gleams softly as she sweats in agony. I’ve to compose myself. Indeed, I am cruel right now. But just almost as being a sadist, I am furthermore a masochist. I receive pleasure in torturing the female of mine but simultaneously I’d really like taking her in my comfort and arms her. I am denying it to myself though. My ordeal isn’t over just yet.

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Whats your main thing ?

Yet again, science has taken its turn and found out what the crowd is really into…and permanent piercings is a clear topscorer with 38% of the votes, followed by fans of tattoos & us erotic/bdsm people with 20% each.

Whats your main thing ?

Tattoos (watching nice artpieces on the body) 20%
Permanent Piercings (pierced nose, navel, nipples etc) 38%
Ritual/culture (scarification, branding, suspension, hooks) 14%
Erotic (play piercing, sexual paingames, BDSM) 20%
I lost my way and mistakingly ended up in this twisted place 6%


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Whipped Ass Review

Whipped Ass is just a genuine sexy website I believe. Encouraged by there mistress, its women whipped embarrassed.

Whipped Ass is really a fairly old website also. They got images and films completely back therefore my guess is the fact that there’s method more than 125 hours of paddling adult in below.

Photo by Shadow Slaves BDSM Videos

Great quality of films ofcourse, in top quality using the typical period of 45 units. You are able to equally flow it on the website or obtain it. Should you got some concerns or anything additionally they got an extremely quick assistance. Actual people that are professional!

30 days of entry expenses just $29.85 and you will obtain a complete a few months for $59.85 (Save $29.70 USD)

Whipped Ass Review

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Pet Play Submissive – Part 2

Today, Pet, I would like you to look beyond me, see if anyone has seen ways you’re subjecting yourself. She sensed tears threaten in the embarrassment of her as she followed the order of his and were beyond him at the various other patrons. She watched a few of individuals averting the eyes of theirs as she looked up, realizing they’d been seeing. A couple other males had been surreptitiously watching her, nevertheless. And there’s one male, who were openly at her and smiled as her eyes met his. She sensed paralyzed as she looked again at the Master of her, pleading with the eyes of her. He smiled at her and told her she might relax. He’d planned ahead for this particular evening, and was today enjoying it immensely.

She swiftly leaned back, trying to not be apparent as she tugged at the upper part of the dress of her, wanting to cover almost as practical. Her Master grinned at her and also told her to quit fidgeting, just as the waiter came out with their food. Thank you, are you going to remember to remove my slave ‘s cutlery? I am going to see to feeding her. She sat stiffly as she vainly hoped for a hole to start and swallow her. The waiter examined her curiously, smiled and said Yes, Sir, as you want, as he removed the slave ‘s silver and set it on his tray. Will there be something else, Sir? the waiter asked. Not only at that time, thank you. Her Master smiled at her heavy blush and instructed her to advance the chair of her next to his. He moved the entre of his over making room for the plate of her. She stood on extremely shaky legs and pulled the chair of her alongside his and sat down. Oh, Master, Iġ she stopped. She realized she did not understand what to say. Part of her was enjoying it immensely, but her sense and upbringing of dignity were at odds with the arousal of her. She found herself confused once again.

Try letting yourself go, the pet of mine. Do not think a lot. Have you been experiencing a great time? Allow me to check out, he stated as he slipped the hand of his under the dress of her and ran the fingers of his over her dripping wet cunt. He laughed as he set the fingers of his to the lips of her and watched her intuitively suck on them. I believe you’re getting a good time, pet. I am hungry, we need to eat.

She watched him as he had taken a chunk of the dinner of his. He cut a portion of meat and held it to her lips. Open up, Pet, eat the dinner of yours for me, he stated quietly. She opened the mouth of her and he slid the fork between the lips of her. He watched her chew, thinking that her mouth were great that way. He held the glass of her so she might sip the wine of her. She kept the hands of her in the lap of her plus compliantly let him treat her like she have been a little kid. She blocked out the conversational noise around her, and not cared whether anybody had been looking. Her Master carried on to sensuously feed her from his fork. She was expelled with pleasure and arousal. The food was exquisite, & she gave herself over entirely to her Master ‘s whim. She did not actually flinch when the waiter came to evaluate them. She sensed herself surrendering the vehicle, totally trusting her beloved Master.

When they’d finished eating, her the bill was paid by Master and also provided the hand of his to her. She has taken it and also stood and he walked her back again towards the automobile.

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Fetish Party Fun

I am really pleased with you, Pet. I know that was tough for you, though you were fantastic. Next time, you might wish to unwind and enjoy things more, although, because over time, I am going to be difficult you a whole lot, he said, much more, laughing. She blushed with enjoyment, Master, Thank you, I will attempt to relax more. She had not forgotten which they still had a gathering to attend. She was motivated to be much better.

They drove for quite a while, finally arriving at a beautiful Victorian style home. There were not a great deal of automobiles, so this should be a little party. She experienced some help at that, for some purpose. Her Master opened the door of her for her, led her to the front door and then rang the bell.

A male answered and welcomed her Master. It is excellent to get you, Richard, and also I remember your beautiful slave, he said with a laugh in the voice of his. She planned to search for and find out who it was, because the one individuals who would probably understand her as her Master ‘s slave had been the individuals that had witnessed the ordeal of her as her Master displayed her and also flogged her for the very first time on the club. She greeted the male politely as her Master introduced her, but kept her eyes lowered. They followed their host inside.

She looked in place as they joined the home, and was as pleased with the interior of the home as she’d been by the exterior. They had been led to a big space with couches plus chairs that involve an open area in the center. There was several well dressed individuals seated on the sofas and women, both men and chairs. As they stepped into the well lit region, she remembered the way revealing her dress was, and also blushed a little. Without meeting anyone’s eyes, she sat primly alongside the Master of her. She was brought to everybody by name, plus she courteously returned their kind greetings.

Her Master whispered to her that she may improve the eyes of her. She did so, seeing that there have been 6 couples in the space. It was kind of silent, & she wondered what sort of gathering this was. She was offered a soft drink, and that she accepted since her mouth was becoming dry out with the fear of what could happen right here.

Everyone was conversing in very low tones. Her Master was talking with a gentleman on the left of his. The slave sat silently alongside him, holding the arm of his, trying to unwind. She realized that several of the females had been quiet, as she was. She wondered in case they were slaves too.

Their host stood up and also requested for their attention. Thank you for coming tonight. For people that are different and do not understand the rules, I am going to explain the game. Game? What game? She thought about what this was all about. She considered the Master of her who was seeing her, and also as her eyes met his, he smiled and squeezed the hand of her for reassurance. She remembered the words of his, and started to relax. She trusted him.

He put his arm around her possessively as their host continued. We are going to go around the area, and all of you’ll present challenging to the submissive. The most effective performance is going to determine the winner. The victor is going to get a reward. Shall we start? We are going to start at this particular end. The host gestured to a space on the square of sofas plus chairs which surrounded the empty floor space. The slave watched in fear, wondering what would happen next.

The very first few laughed at having been picked first. The male considered his submissive and challenged her to unbuckle the belt of his and unzip the pants of his without using the hands of her. Everybody laughed plus the sub dropped to the knees of her with a huge grin as she dramatically place the hands of her behind the back of her. She deftly utilized her lips, teeth, and tongue to unbuckle her Master ‘s belt. She’d a little difficulty with the switch on the trousers of his, although zipper was no issue. She lifted the arms of her in a tada gesture as she completed. There was good natured applause as the Master placed himself back together, so the sub has taken the place of her alongside him on the couch.

The following sub was challenged to tie a knot in a shoestring with the tongue of her. The one after which was because of the sub to deep throat a carrot. While everything was going on, the Master slipped the hand of his inside his slave ‘s silk skirt and also played with the nipple of her. She moaned quietly.

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Pet Play Submissive – Part 1

The wind had picked up, she recognized. She experienced the cool breeze against the naked skin on the chest of her and upper thighs as her skirt was blown slightly. She experienced her nipples stiffen both from the chill and also the caress of silk against them. She stepped gracefully to the automobile as her Master held the door of her.

As they drove, she asked him exactly where they had been going. He stated he was taking her to a restaurant which was suggested to him. And then, they will go to a small party with several of the folks from the club of his. Her heart leapt. She’d gone to the club of his and had quite an adventure there. She wondered what would transpire this particular evening, as she pushed her thighs together unconsciously.

Animal, I would like you to follow me tonight, no matter what, with no question. Your instant compliance to my directions pleases me a lot, and I expect nothing less from you. She looked over at him quickly. Yes, Master, might I askġ No, the pet of mine, you might not ask anything. You’re trusting me. Yes, Master, she stated with a shaky voice.

When they’d come at the restaurant, the valet approached to start the door of her. As she swung the legs of her out, her dress hiked up, revealing the upper thighs of her. She blushed and pulled the dress of her down, realizing that her Master was most likely really amused at the sight of the valet looking at her. She stood carefully and also smoothed the dress of her down over the hips of her, wanting to help keep it from getting blown up in the ocean breeze.

Her Master was immediately at the side of her, taking the hands of her in a single of his as he set his other arm around her thin shoulders and also led her on the doorstep. She might really feel the wind against the flesh of her as her skirt blew around the thighs of her, realizing that people in the vicinity can see no matter what was being exposed. She blushed as the dampness between her thighs and legs began to wet the thighs of her. Her Master watched the face of her, and the embarrassment of her and also arousal showed plainly there. Her modesty became a continuous supply of excitement to him. He reveled in the point that he might expose her at any moment. He moaned involuntarily, taking her far more strongly to himself as they joined the restaurant.

He walked behind her as they had been led to a kitchen table. The restaurant was tasteful and elegant, she believed, just love the Master of her. In the candlelight, she sensed pretty safe that her costume was not transparent. Her Master noted, nonetheless, that as she walked by, eyes accompanied her. Her skirt was clinging snugly to the body of her. With her cleavage exposed and the nipples of her obviously reported against the dress of her, she was rather enjoyable to take a look at. He enjoyed it when others desired the slave of his, knowing she belonged and then him.

They had been seated at a relatively secluded table, as he’d arranged beforehand. He sat across from her and got the wine list out of the waiter. After he purchased for them both, he told her to pull the dress of her up from underneath her, and also remain on the natural leather seat on the bare bottom of her. She blushed as she obeyed, getting more aroused as he told her what to do. Now, the pet of mine, open the legs of yours for me. She sensed somewhat alarmed, knowing that if anybody happened to examine her, they could see her naked pussy under the kitchen table. She did as she was told, nonetheless, squirming a little today. He watched the eyes of her as she struggled within herself to follow him. Lean forward, now, allow your stylish gape open. He saw her eyes start to be quite broad as her face turned actually a deeper yellow. He hit for the hands of her and urged her forward slightly. She paused just for a short time before she obeyed, keeping the eyes of her on his. Her heart was thumping as she waited for him going on.

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Gagged and Horny

Hours passed. Nothing happened. Nothing.

The car just drove on, except for a brief stop at what must have been a gas station. Sheila reddened at the thought of the gas attendant seeing her like this. She had no way to know that the limo tint obscured her from those outside the vehicle. After all, the two men didn’t want to have to waste any bullets on busybodies. The car drove on. Several hours must have passed, Sheila thought. The anticipation frightened and excited her. There was a growing pool of her fluids on the seat that had long since overflowed onto the floor. Her thighs were covered with several layers of her own dried wetness. The car drove on.

Which was odd, since there was no driver. she looked up. Then down. Then right and then left. Finally, her eyes settled on a small picture of a thumb. Hmmmmm….

It was then that she noticed that the zippers over her eyes were open and she had lost her contacts and it probably wasn’t a thumb she was looking at.

But wait…

As the narators voice trailed off she felt herself fading into sleep. His voice was soft and deep. And he was dull, too…like that guy in the wine commercials who speaks in the constant monotone voice. At any rate…she was wet, and sleepy and hungry. If only that bratwurst…

She awoke from her dream, and realized she was still being driven somewhere. She could hear the two thugs conversing in muttered tones in the front of the car. The car stopped. She heard a door open. A hand patted her thigh. “Meowr Meow Meowr meow Meorw, Boss?”, she heard one of the thugs say.

“No, not yet”, the new man replied, “First I have to change into my sweater and sneakers”

A minute or so later, still bound in place in the seat, Sheila’s hood was ripped off. The new man said: “Well, it’s certainly a fucking lovely day in the neighborhood!” The new man had one fist up King Friday’s ass, and the other one up Lady Aberlaine’s nether regions. “The mail is never on time now, you know, and the food is awful, since Mister McFeely and Chef Brockett were killed in that terrible auto crash. But, I still find special people.” He paused. “And you know, I’m going to hurt you. Just because you’re you”

He paused again. “When allowed to speak, you will call me MASTER Rogers” A soundless cry escaped from Sheila. The hood was placed back upon her head, she heard the three men walk away, and she was left there for quite some time. Gnot him again

SHe was brought out of her sleep roughly. The hands of some ungnown person tugging at the mask which encompassed her head.

She was seated on a small chair and the mask removed. Her eyes fluttered and struggled to get adjusted to the light. She saw before her a pleasant looking man with softly greying hair and a slight smile on his face.

She watched him as he changed from his shiny leather shoes into simple deck shoes. He slipped a sweater over his head and smiled.

Hello, Im Master Rogers.

she begins to scream soundlessly behind the ball gag as she hears those dreaded words….. tears flood her cheeks as she struggles against her bonds, her juices still running.

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The Submissive – Part 2

Stop moving, be quite still, he stated in a firm voice. She flinched a little after which became motionless. You don’t have the permission of mine to promote yourself, is that clear? Yes, Master, she whispered. Her head bowed somewhat in the embarrassment of her at having displeased the Master of her. He has taken the chin of her in the hand of his and raised the face of her to his. Look at me, pet. She met the eyes of his for the very first time since he’d come. She sensed herself melting as she watched the motivation, patience and care there. His rich, sensual mouth and brown eyes had been extremely appealing to her, and also she wished he’d kiss her. She licked the lips of her with no thinking. Now, get the fingers of yours out of your pussy. She did because he instructed and as she started raising the hand of her, he firmly took hold of the wrist of her. The eyes of his never ever left hers as he brought the fingers of her to the lips of his and also licked them clean. She felt herself squirming and also stopped moving, fearful he wouldn’t be pleased. He smiled at her and introduced the wrist of her. She lowered the hand of her to the thigh of her, still gazing into the eyes of his. He tugged the leash of her and also brought the face of her to his and kissed her lips lightly. Come sit on the lap of mine, the pet of mine.

Gratefully, the slave climbed up into her Master ‘s lap and snuggled near as he set his arms around her, smelling the perfume of the hair of her, her head resting on the shoulder of his. He seemed to find out when she needed affection plus was extremely generous with it. She smiled serenely, Thank you, Master. He started speaking to her in that gentle voice, as a father would to his child. You’re performing good, pet, do not be scared. I understand exactly how much you wish to make sure you me, and I am proud of you. Just be sure you follow me, and believe in me, and also you are going to continue to perform well. She squirmed on the lap of his, excited by the approval of his of her. She might feel his cock harden under the bottom of her.

He relocated the face of his to hers and also kissed her deeply as he pulled the tie from the ponytail of her. His hand went to the breasts of her and also teased the nipples of her and also she moaned into his mouth. Tonight, I’ve a surprise for you, the pet of mine. We’re visiting dinner. She smiled broadly, as this may be the initial time since her education had started that they’d been out together. She thanked the Master of her for the consideration of his.

He stood, lifting her then and easily swung around and set her back down on the couch. Wait right here, I’m going to identify an outfit that you can use. I expect you to act while I am gone. His voice was solid, but there would have been a twinkle in the eye of his. He just knew she battled the urge to touch herself, though he in addition knew that things are even worse. She smiled up at him, Master, Yes, I will be good. He left the kitchen and also she purchased the book of her and began reading.

After about a half hour had elapsed, Master came to fetch his slave. Pet, up until today, you haven’t been out in public, as it was essential for you to focus on your running. From this particular moment forward, I am going to choose your clothes, since I cannot allow you to run around naked outside, he smiled at her as she giggled. I expect you to put on precisely what I select for you, no more, no less. You have to believe in me to dress you properly for any event. Do you understand? This’s not a location ready to accept discussion. She nodded, Yes, Master.

She was not terribly interested. She knew that the Master of her will control numerous areas of the life of her and it filled her must submit to him. Also, she knew he’d taste that is good and trusted him. All things considered, he needed her to be great, did not he? Her Master told her she may go get dressed. She enthusiastically went to the room of her, nearly skipping. She was extremely fired up at the possibility of finally moving out!

As she got to the room of her and looked at the bed of her, her enthusiasm transformed into real joy. Laid out we had a gorgeous ivory colored silk suit, with a plunging neckline. She walked slowly toward the bed and acquired the short skirt, looking underneath it for panties, bra along with a slip. There was absolutely no undergarments aside from some ivory colored lace-topped thigh highs, along with a coordinating bra, and a longer, black, velvet box. The very first thing she did was opened the package. Inside was a spectacular platinum choker and matching earrings. She removed her leather collar and place on the platinum choker. It sensed cool against the skin of her, and also she shuddered in delight. She sat down and removed her black stockings and garter belt, and pulled up the large ivory thigh highs. She was amazed to find out the bra, actually. She thought to what her Master said. Absolutely no more, no less. She don the bra and noted it was a demi cup, push up bra. It left her nipples exposed. She started to believe some trepidation. As she pulled the costume on over the head of her she noticed just how the dress clung to the body of her. The neckline was unsafe, her nipples poked out really plainly contrary to the fabric, so the dress hugged the waist of her and flared out somewhat at the bottom. She checked her full length mirror to find out if the tops of her stockings showed. in case she stayed completely still, the stockings were discussed, but if she moved, they showed plainly. She attempted to tug the skirt down to no avail. She started to blush, considering how exposed she would feel walking around in this particular dress on the a breezy evening.

She went to the vanity of her to touch up her make up. She brushed the hair of her and don fresh lipstick. She’d bathed and also place on her make up before her Master had come home, as per the instructions of his.

She watched the matching shoes for the outfit of her on the floor by the bed of her and place them on. The five heels were stiletto, though she’d become accustomed to such shoes today, and was capable to stroll gracefully in them. She turned on her overhead lighting and took a last appearance in her mirror to make certain she was almost all put together, as she needed the Master of her to become delighted. She gasped at the image of her. The dress was extremely sheer, and also in this gentle, she can see through it. She needed to be obedient so she steeled herself, realizing she must simply believe in the Master of her. She had taken a full breath and then left the room to join him.

She slowly walked in to the parlor, in which her Master waited for her. He looked up at her and smiled. You appear as beautiful as I knew you’d, Pet, he stated. She started opening the mouth of her to talk, and changed the mind of her. It would not do to challenge him about the apparel of her, since he’d created himself very obvious on the issue. Thank you for the gorgeous skirt, Master, and thank you particularly for the jewelry, she stated as she walked over to where he sat and leaned over to kiss him. He slipped the hands of his into the upper part of the dress of her plus lightly pinched the nipples of her as he kissed her back, pleased at her small gasp of surprise.

The choker is your public collar’, Pet, and also I am going to want you to put it on when we fail unless I show you to do or else. You are really welcome for the dresses. It pleases me considerably to dress you. He smiled at her, searching her up and down. Actually are you prepared to go, Master, Pet? Yes, she replied as he took the hand of her and walked her outside towards the automobile.

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Alleyway Subbie

The alley was suddenly filled with bright light and the sound of a big V-8 engine as a Licoln pulled around the corner and slammed to a stop in front of the surprised pair. Sheila knelt mutely in shock watching Herve struggle with his pants as the juices from the bratwurst dripped from her abused anus. Two men got out of the back seat of the Lincoln. Even silhouetted against the headlights these men radiated a cold menace. The driver covered Herve with a silenced automatic as his passenger approached Sheila. He knotted his hand in her hair and drug her to her feet. Deep into her space from the rough handling of the hot dog vendor Sheila didn’t resist at all and somewhat frustrated by the lack of closure, the sensation of being roughly manipulated by her hair triggered a surge of passion though her heart, and a surge of wetness in her loins. This feeling only intensified as she heard the ratcheting sound of the locks, and felt the cold metal against her skin as she was quickly and efficiantly handcuffed.

“You shoulda come on your own when you had the chance, Slut” the thugish hulk rumbled. “The boss had a nice plane ride planned for you. Its gonna be much rougher now.”

Still holding her by the hair his knuckles rapped the nerve plexus just below her breast bone. As her mouth opened to suck in a reflex gasp of air, she found it filled with a ball gag. A black hood of soft kid skin was slid over her head and zipped closed in the back. As the eyeslots were being zipped closed, she heard the drivers little auto pistol cough half a dozen times and saw Herve’s meeger existance snuffed out by a handfull of subsonic hollowpoints.

Sheila felt the gloved hand of the big man shoved roughly between her thighs, and then the stretching as his thumb and fingers penetrated the openings he found there. Held in a six pack grip, he squeezed her hard and painfully as she was hoisted to his shoulder and carried to the car. Tossed in, She felt her sweater ride up to her waist as she landed on the back seat. the big man followed her in and reaching across her, secured her ankles in manacles set in the opposite sides of the car. The width of the car spread her legs wide, and caused her to slide forward and down in the seat. Belts like seatbelts were fastened around her thighs just above the knee. These and the manacles combined to pull her legs into a wide W shape exposing her sex to whatever these thugs had planned for it.

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The Submissive

The servant was kneeling, naked, but for her stockings and/or collar and heels, and also displayed for the Master of her, the leash of her in the mouth of her. This was exactly how he needed her as he arrived home from work. He was a professor at a close by faculty, and also his newly collared, newly trained slave had followed the instructions of his to the letter.

She’d completed her training with good reports and many accommodations from the European Trainer he’d employed for her. Her education was apparent in the posture of her plus ideal positioning: the head of her high, eyes lowered, back arched, elbows touching behind the back of her, the knees of her open, her smooth pussy subjected to him. She was trembling slightly, as she was still really brand new to each of this, though he admired the willingness of her to learn and also follow him. The possibility of taking care of and molding this young servant was extremely erotic. He’d many plans for her.

As he stood at the wide open door, admiring her, she waited patiently, at minimum outwardly. Her ideas have been racing; she was very aroused, having actually become conditioned by the existence of the Master of her. He’d shown her that there’s apparently nothing he could not perceive about her. She felt naked and subjected to him in each and every way, as he appeared to peer inside the mind of her. He was professional at using the understanding of her body and mind to help keep her wildly switched on and prepared for him all the time. She might think the eyes of his on her, appraising her, which made her juices flow much more, as she sensed herself start to trickle onto the hardwood flooring.

Her Master watched for several more agonizing seconds and smiled with pleasure at her response to him. Girl that is good, I am happy you remembered to follow my instructions. He walked past her with the family room and then sat down on the couch. He recognized she stiffened as he walked past, and understood she was curious about how to proceed, what was expected of her. Was she to stay there, kneeling? Was she to adopt him? He grinned as he watched her brow furrow slightly. Her face was extremely expressive & animated. He wondered just how long he must make the wait of her, and if she will have the temerity to request clarification. To the credit of her, she stayed still.

Lastly, he spoke softly, Pet, he viewed her body shiver. Crawl to me, the pet of mine, he watched her quite closely. Her face flushed as she relaxed the arms of her and place the palms of her on the floor. On her knees and hands, she considered him, eyes on the floor, leash dangling from the teeth of her; she gradually crawled to the Master of her, the high ponytail of her dangling before the face of her. He viewed the progress of her, getting more aroused as she approached him. She was moving as a cat, graceful and slinky. As she arrived at the feet of his she sat back on the heels of her and place the hands of her on the thighs of her.

Really good, pet. You make me should taste you. Open your thighs please. Again, she blushed as she spread the knees of her. He removed the leash from the mouth of her and clipped it to the collar of her as she shifted position. He held the leash so it place minimal strain on her to lean forward. She was visibly trembling now, her require apparent. Put 2 of your fingertips inside your cunt, now, he instructed softly. She slowly put the hand of her between the legs of her as he watched the face of her. Her eyes were still down; her blush went right down the chest of her, the mouth of her slightly open as she started breathing a lot more often. She obediently pushed 2 hands inside her dripping pussy, shivered once again, and waited. Unconsciously, she’d started to grind the hips of her against the hand of her. A lot was had by her to learn, but.

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Wet Submissive

Her pussy was wet, and wide.
She uttered a minor shriek of pain/delight and suprise as the bratwurst entered her anus. Not what she had expected..but then…what did she expect?
Something warm…and wet…ran down her thighs.
The aroma that drifted up told her…it was mustard.
While the bratwurst was being thrust repeatedly into her poor, rarely used, and thus aching, ass, a hand shoved something into her mouth.
It was relish.

Then, the bratwurst still inserted in her ass, he jumped up and pulled her down by her hair.
She was now in a kneeling position in front of him.
Thrust in her face, was the largest frankfurter bun she had ever seen.
Inside it, was the midget member.
She noted, ever so briefly, that it was highly disproportionate to the rest of him.
His cock was longer and wider than any foot long Coney she had ever seen…or tasted.
She began to choke and gag on it…but using her hair to pull her onto his cock, practically down to his amazingly pendulous balls, she was really helpless to resist- NOT that there was one shred of resistance in her, anyway.
“On Fantasy Island, the most amazing fantasies that were fulfilled were all offscreen, bitch…and in my dressing room”, he told her, in between the thrusting of his cock, and the forced and repeated meetings of the head of his cock and the back of her throat.
She barely held onto consciousness, the only thing about her that was even aware was consumed with a desire to come, and to beg to come, although that was totally out of the question…as she could barely breathe, let alone speak, with such a huge member cutting off her air supply, and threatening to rupture her epiglottis.
“Do you want fries with that, Cunt?”, he intoned, with a hint of mockery.
She noticed a bucket filled with the liquid that the hot dogs were cooked in.
She’d seen the reports on television, and knew that the vendors rarely changed it, and kept it at just the right temperature to induce the growth of extremely unhealthy microbe growth.
In fact, due to this, she’d never have ordered anything from these vendors.
What was it doing there? Was he going to make her drink it? Pour it on her? or something else?
It didn’t matter.
She knew whatever use, if any, was intended for her, she would comply…greatfully.

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Bondage Babes On Webcam

Bondage Babes On Webcam ready to play. Find more kinky webcam babes at The Fetish Webcam Blog with plenty of gorgeous submissives ready to go live.

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She Screamed…

No one took notice, that is, until her frantically waving arms caught the attention of the vendor of a nearby hot dog stand.

Standing at the curb, she sensed someone staring at her. She slowly turned around and saw the ugly little hot dog vendor, who looked suspiciously like the deceased Herve Villachez, looking intently at her bare crotch. She couldn’t believe the rush of wetness she felt between her thighs, and she found herself moving her legs apart so the vendor could get a better look. She willed him to look at her face, and when she saw his eyes raise from admiring her crotch, she brought her index finger up to her mouth and sucked on it. His eyes followed the path of her finger as she slowly traced it between her breasts and then teasingly over her belly. When her finger finally found her clit, her load moan caused the little hot dog man to start shaking with excitement.

She knew she was acting irrationally, but she couldn’t stop – she didn’t want to stop. Her need for attention, for someone to acknowledge her existence, was too strong…”and, hell,” she thought to herself, “I haven’t been laid in 5 years, and if I don’t fuck this guy, it’ll be 5 more years before I get another chance.”

Herve couldn’t believe his luck; a gorgeous woman…okay, a semi not-ugly woman…coming onto him. He felt saliva gather in his mouth, and felt himself drool as he opened his mouth to breathe because his nose was congested due to allergies. You see, Herve hadn’t been quite right in the head since the last day he had filmed Fantasy Island. The director had just called for “action” when he was distracted by some noise on the set, but that little distraction was to be his undoing. As he started to say the line that had endeared him to many – “da plane! da plane!” he instead heard himself say in clear, unbroken English, “the plane! the plane!” He froze in horror as the set grew deathly quiet. He knew it was over…that one mistake had cost him his career, and exposed him for the fraud he was: Harvey Vanilla, a white-anglo saxon protestant born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Unable to bear the shame, he had faked his death two days later, and had been selling hot dogs on this street ever since.

Oblivious to everything around her except for Harvey, the woman continued to rub her clit. She felt herself approaching orgasm, and knew it wouldn’t be enough…she needed something inside her….she needed the ugly little hot dog man to fuck her…

Harvey, never taking his eyes from her wet crotch, walked behind the hot dog stand and bent down…now, now was the chance to do what he had fantasized about doing since he was just a boy.

The woman saw him stand up and start to walk towards her. She saw what he was holding and terror rushed over her, but the intensity of all these emotions running through her caused her to start cumming, over and over again. She couldn’t stop, and she watched as Harvey grew closer. He raised one of his hands, and she realized it was much worse than she had thought. The smile on his face was pure unmasked evil as he held up the largest bratwurst she had ever seen.

She screamed…

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Submissives Ready To Play

Submissives Ready To Play live on webcam in kinky BDSM games!

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Electro BDSM of Kitty

The mask is removed to reveal LeatherWolf as her tormentor. She is told he desires her complete submission, and her ordeal can finish once she declares it. Electrodes are connected to her thighs to shock her legs, and an electrical mesh is employed to zap her breasts.

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Discharged from the chair, she is ordered to face with arms higher than her head, as her body is pummeled with a nightstick and knuckle-dusters. Her thighs and breasts are crushed with a thick cane, however still she refuses to concede. Terrified, she is repeatedly aghast with a cows prod and lashed with serious animal skin whip. additional beating with the nightstick and cane finally bring her to tears, however there’ll be no mercy till she declares her submission.

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