The Lesbian Slave and Her Mistress – Part 2

In part one the French mistress took her lesbian slave through the paces. With plenty of lezdomme action in the Paris dungeon. You can find much more French sadomasochism opportunities at

I take 2 permanent markers from the proper pocket of the robe of mine. Giving her the white marker, I maintain the dark one for myself.

Opening the marker, I bark at her: Hold out the left hand of yours, palm upwards.

I rarely wait while she grab and obeys the hand of her, writing the name of mine in the palm everything in capitals: MAITRESSE. Today, with no doubt, the toughest part of what I’ve in mind for her:

I want you to start the white marker and put a huge cross through the name of mine.

Tears well up in the eyes of her and I’ve a real difficult time to keep on. Nevertheless, I insist as she begs me with the eyes of her to avoid the.

Cross out the name of mine you lousy slut! NOW!

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The Slave In Love

Crying she obeys and places a big X through the name of mine. I could simply feel her think now: Is this the conclusion of my connection? Will Mistress release me? I do not wish to loose her. I realize I was wrong though I definitely haven’t deserved to be released for it?

I notice the agonized expression on the deal with of her and practically go very quickly as I want for the sweet release of stress. Instead I use the marker back and control to say: Have a look at your hand female. Analyze it for around 30 minutes and if you believe you find out what it really means you come over to me. And also with those terms I walk towards the family room to watch some tv.

Clenching the fists of mine, I feel myself around crying. The one I love is in genuine agony also I want it for the personal fulfillment of mine. The television is on though I do not find out a lot of it the next forty five minutes, awaiting my love to come upstairs.

Lastly, there she comes. I feel the love of mine for that girl really visible coursing through the veins of mine. She has been crying. I see by the white eyes of her and the unexpected sob. She involves a great kneel before me and also looks up. Terrified of what she may hear, yet simultaneously not believing that will in fact occur. And also determined to recognize anything that is going to happen in the following five minutes.

I give her just a little tip that not the worst is usually to be expected from me as I ask her: Did you arrive at a choice about what you feel this means my female?

Her eyes sparkle up: the female of mine. She can feel comforted by it, that I believe is needed at this time. I do not need her to become an emotional wreck for the next day or two. Still sobbing then and now, she answers: Y Yes Mistress. The red cross through your name stands for that I’ve let you down. I know I’ve Mistress. Remember to forgive me?

I do not respond to her. Instead I grab the red marker, inform her to shut the eyes of her and hold on the hand of her. Quickly I paint over the cross and make it a good white heart. My name obviously in black and a lot apparent through red ink.

Open your eyes like.

She opens the eyes of her and looks at the hand of her, numb for a couple moments. Well then she begins to cry once more and throws herself in the arms of mine as I open them for her.

A soothing and soft whisper as well as in addition the very last thing for her to remember: Make certain you won’t ever give me cause to make use of the black colored marker to cross out my name female. Because consequently it would not be visible anymore. She simply holds onto me and I feel the tension gradually being introduced. Not wanting her to see the own personal watery eyes of mine I hold her close

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