The Lesbian Slave and Her Mistress – Part 1

I look down at my kneeling female, naked and covered with kind of strong welts, and also shame her for what I’ve in mind. Indeed, I know she seems miserable currently which she won’t ever actually make the mistake once more but that is not enough for her just yet. She might have discovered the lesson of her. Now to help make sure she will not forget about it once again.
Stand up, you slut!

A husky whisper: Yes Mistress.

She is certainly afraid of more consequences as she struggles getting up as fast as you can. Ultimately she appears before me, slightly trembling and her eyes downcast. Cupping the face of her, I push her to search me directly in the eyes: Look at me slut! You know I wish to see in the eyes of yours when I am conversing with you.

She hates it when being pressured to appear in the eyes of mine at moments this way. And so a lot simpler to simply stay away from my gaze and also look down at the floor. She knows much better than that however and with no answering, she raises the eyes of her to meet mine.

Locking them with an icy glare, I continue looking at her for one, maybe 2 minutes. She is getting more and more anxious. Having and fidgeting problems to keep the eyes of her up, still simultaneously not being ready to withdraw.

Walk on the complete opposite wall.

A little step back accompanied by a turn on the heels of her and measured steps to exactly where I directed her. My eyes roam over the body of her as she helps seductively. Her hips swaying ever as elegant therefore very slutty with her striped behind.

When she is at the structure I get my upcoming command: And to me, you little whore!

This time she is forced to look in the eyes of mine as she helps back at me. I believe the energy streaming through me and immediately get wet as I glance at the beauty I possess.

Beginning to a stand up before me, I imprison her with the eyes of mine after more and once again I keep my mouth shut. Next, after another two minutes, I simply level on the structure without saying a word. She understands what I mean and repeats similar procedure. She attempts to be a lot more appealing this moment, as she knows she’s clearly not pleased me quite yet.

I glance at her once again. Next, giving her a tiny hint, I glance at the watch of mine, pretending to be awaiting something. She may be played extremely well. I believe what she thinks and I really feel sorry for her and also for me as I am torturing myself too.

Suddenly the realization comes: She is standing before me, exactly where I trained her a few times to kneel at drawing near to me. Falling to the knees of her I notice her stammering: I I I am sorry Mistress. Pl Please forgiń°

Silent you insolent cunt!

Oh what a gorgeous view: Blushing a bright red but not daring to keep talking. Her body gleams softly as she sweats in agony. I’ve to compose myself. Indeed, I am cruel right now. But just almost as being a sadist, I am furthermore a masochist. I receive pleasure in torturing the female of mine but simultaneously I’d really like taking her in my comfort and arms her. I am denying it to myself though. My ordeal isn’t over just yet.

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