The Submissive

The servant was kneeling, naked, but for her stockings and/or collar and heels, and also displayed for the Master of her, the leash of her in the mouth of her. This was exactly how he needed her as he arrived home from work. He was a professor at a close by faculty, and also his newly collared, newly trained slave had followed the instructions of his to the letter.

She’d completed her training with good reports and many accommodations from the European Trainer he’d employed for her. Her education was apparent in the posture of her plus ideal positioning: the head of her high, eyes lowered, back arched, elbows touching behind the back of her, the knees of her open, her smooth pussy subjected to him. She was trembling slightly, as she was still really brand new to each of this, though he admired the willingness of her to learn and also follow him. The possibility of taking care of and molding this young servant was extremely erotic. He’d many plans for her.

As he stood at the wide open door, admiring her, she waited patiently, at minimum outwardly. Her ideas have been racing; she was very aroused, having actually become conditioned by the existence of the Master of her. He’d shown her that there’s apparently nothing he could not perceive about her. She felt naked and subjected to him in each and every way, as he appeared to peer inside the mind of her. He was professional at using the understanding of her body and mind to help keep her wildly switched on and prepared for him all the time. She might think the eyes of his on her, appraising her, which made her juices flow much more, as she sensed herself start to trickle onto the hardwood flooring.

Her Master watched for several more agonizing seconds and smiled with pleasure at her response to him. Girl that is good, I am happy you remembered to follow my instructions. He walked past her with the family room and then sat down on the couch. He recognized she stiffened as he walked past, and understood she was curious about how to proceed, what was expected of her. Was she to stay there, kneeling? Was she to adopt him? He grinned as he watched her brow furrow slightly. Her face was extremely expressive & animated. He wondered just how long he must make the wait of her, and if she will have the temerity to request clarification. To the credit of her, she stayed still.

Lastly, he spoke softly, Pet, he viewed her body shiver. Crawl to me, the pet of mine, he watched her quite closely. Her face flushed as she relaxed the arms of her and place the palms of her on the floor. On her knees and hands, she considered him, eyes on the floor, leash dangling from the teeth of her; she gradually crawled to the Master of her, the high ponytail of her dangling before the face of her. He viewed the progress of her, getting more aroused as she approached him. She was moving as a cat, graceful and slinky. As she arrived at the feet of his she sat back on the heels of her and place the hands of her on the thighs of her.

Really good, pet. You make me should taste you. Open your thighs please. Again, she blushed as she spread the knees of her. He removed the leash from the mouth of her and clipped it to the collar of her as she shifted position. He held the leash so it place minimal strain on her to lean forward. She was visibly trembling now, her require apparent. Put 2 of your fingertips inside your cunt, now, he instructed softly. She slowly put the hand of her between the legs of her as he watched the face of her. Her eyes were still down; her blush went right down the chest of her, the mouth of her slightly open as she started breathing a lot more often. She obediently pushed 2 hands inside her dripping pussy, shivered once again, and waited. Unconsciously, she’d started to grind the hips of her against the hand of her. A lot was had by her to learn, but.

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