Alleyway Subbie

The alley was suddenly filled with bright light and the sound of a big V-8 engine as a Licoln pulled around the corner and slammed to a stop in front of the surprised pair. Sheila knelt mutely in shock watching Herve struggle with his pants as the juices from the bratwurst dripped from her abused anus. Two men got out of the back seat of the Lincoln. Even silhouetted against the headlights these men radiated a cold menace. The driver covered Herve with a silenced automatic as his passenger approached Sheila. He knotted his hand in her hair and drug her to her feet. Deep into her space from the rough handling of the hot dog vendor Sheila didn’t resist at all and somewhat frustrated by the lack of closure, the sensation of being roughly manipulated by her hair triggered a surge of passion though her heart, and a surge of wetness in her loins. This feeling only intensified as she heard the ratcheting sound of the locks, and felt the cold metal against her skin as she was quickly and efficiantly handcuffed.

“You shoulda come on your own when you had the chance, Slut” the thugish hulk rumbled. “The boss had a nice plane ride planned for you. Its gonna be much rougher now.”

Still holding her by the hair his knuckles rapped the nerve plexus just below her breast bone. As her mouth opened to suck in a reflex gasp of air, she found it filled with a ball gag. A black hood of soft kid skin was slid over her head and zipped closed in the back. As the eyeslots were being zipped closed, she heard the drivers little auto pistol cough half a dozen times and saw Herve’s meeger existance snuffed out by a handfull of subsonic hollowpoints.

Sheila felt the gloved hand of the big man shoved roughly between her thighs, and then the stretching as his thumb and fingers penetrated the openings he found there. Held in a six pack grip, he squeezed her hard and painfully as she was hoisted to his shoulder and carried to the car. Tossed in, She felt her sweater ride up to her waist as she landed on the back seat. the big man followed her in and reaching across her, secured her ankles in manacles set in the opposite sides of the car. The width of the car spread her legs wide, and caused her to slide forward and down in the seat. Belts like seatbelts were fastened around her thighs just above the knee. These and the manacles combined to pull her legs into a wide W shape exposing her sex to whatever these thugs had planned for it.

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