She Screamed…

No one took notice, that is, until her frantically waving arms caught the attention of the vendor of a nearby hot dog stand.

Standing at the curb, she sensed someone staring at her. She slowly turned around and saw the ugly little hot dog vendor, who looked suspiciously like the deceased Herve Villachez, looking intently at her bare crotch. She couldn’t believe the rush of wetness she felt between her thighs, and she found herself moving her legs apart so the vendor could get a better look. She willed him to look at her face, and when she saw his eyes raise from admiring her crotch, she brought her index finger up to her mouth and sucked on it. His eyes followed the path of her finger as she slowly traced it between her breasts and then teasingly over her belly. When her finger finally found her clit, her load moan caused the little hot dog man to start shaking with excitement.

She knew she was acting irrationally, but she couldn’t stop – she didn’t want to stop. Her need for attention, for someone to acknowledge her existence, was too strong…”and, hell,” she thought to herself, “I haven’t been laid in 5 years, and if I don’t fuck this guy, it’ll be 5 more years before I get another chance.”

Herve couldn’t believe his luck; a gorgeous woman…okay, a semi not-ugly woman…coming onto him. He felt saliva gather in his mouth, and felt himself drool as he opened his mouth to breathe because his nose was congested due to allergies. You see, Herve hadn’t been quite right in the head since the last day he had filmed Fantasy Island. The director had just called for “action” when he was distracted by some noise on the set, but that little distraction was to be his undoing. As he started to say the line that had endeared him to many – “da plane! da plane!” he instead heard himself say in clear, unbroken English, “the plane! the plane!” He froze in horror as the set grew deathly quiet. He knew it was over…that one mistake had cost him his career, and exposed him for the fraud he was: Harvey Vanilla, a white-anglo saxon protestant born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Unable to bear the shame, he had faked his death two days later, and had been selling hot dogs on this street ever since.

Oblivious to everything around her except for Harvey, the woman continued to rub her clit. She felt herself approaching orgasm, and knew it wouldn’t be enough…she needed something inside her….she needed the ugly little hot dog man to fuck her…

Harvey, never taking his eyes from her wet crotch, walked behind the hot dog stand and bent down…now, now was the chance to do what he had fantasized about doing since he was just a boy.

The woman saw him stand up and start to walk towards her. She saw what he was holding and terror rushed over her, but the intensity of all these emotions running through her caused her to start cumming, over and over again. She couldn’t stop, and she watched as Harvey grew closer. He raised one of his hands, and she realized it was much worse than she had thought. The smile on his face was pure unmasked evil as he held up the largest bratwurst she had ever seen.

She screamed…

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