Slave Girl Nimues Extreme Fetish Torture

If Nimue is looking a little worse for wear it’s because this fetish babe has just been given the punishment of a lifetime all within a few short hours, it all started when Nimue went to her fetish master and asked him to give her body the most degrading torture, he had ever given anyone. When he asked her why she wanted to endure such a freakish bdsm she told him it was going to make her all nice and wet, well the master thought this sounded a little to kinky to pass up on an opportunity like this, so he quickly led his slave girl down to his foreboding dungeon and carried out her request.

Freakish Nimues Extreme Fetish Torture

He got some rope first and tied it around her boobs. She thought this was pretty kinky until her proceeded to lift her off the ground using the rope and her tits to lift her weight. This certainly gave her tormented body something to think about, and he continued to inflict loads of bizarre fetishes onto her exposed body. There were loads of candle wax torture and plenty more degrading action, see all of it right now and watch the full movies click here.

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